Creation Process

Below you will find a series of images and explanations of our design creation process.


This image shows the original concept design of some of the characters within our game. We have The Badass, The Crazy girl, The Nerd and The Dancer. For the end product and demo we only chose to include The Crazy girl as she was the one we all enjoyed the most! Each character was designed with unique character traits and properties.


This is an early concept picture of when we were getting the beat registration to work properly and the way we intended it to. We had a basic song and only played around with basic keystroke recognition and beat calibration.


As the project progressed we started exploring different enemy ideas and systems. This is an early prototype image of the enemy system implemented in the final game. The idea was to spawn the enemies randomly across the map and make them slowly travel towards the player.

24271238_2006867125996005_651771246_o.jpgThe concept art for our boss on the Egypt level. The boss itself is meant to take on the old Egyptian lords in both attire and attack styles. Once again we see our crazy girl in action attacking some of the smaller enemies while the boss sneaks up on her.

The video above shows an early demo presented during the status update #1 during the course. It shows an early adoption of the girl and enemies on our Egypt map. Of course the enemies are yet to have proper models but the basic mechanics of the game are in place!

main screen.jpg

The above image is taken from our main menu screen and aims to show off all the characters available that come with the launch of the game!

This shows off the animation work that went into all the models of our game!




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